To me, being spiritual is about bringing a level of compassion and kindness to all we encounter, no matter how we are met by each person and experience.

Healing the world, the universe, and ourselves, IS possible but, it is only by stepping into a place of forgiveness, love, and a belief that everything in existence is capable of changing for the better, that we truly find that we, ourselves, are healed and whole.

What does it mean to be spiritual?


What is energy healing?

By tuning into the energetic field that surrounds your physical body, a "spiritual body" can be accessed.  In this spiritual body, our soul stores every aspect of our earthly and universal existence.  Using Reiki, shamanic healing practices, and intuition, I uncover the dominant energetic forces at work in your body, spirit, and experiences.  By breaking up those forces which have become stagnant and heavy in your personal energy field, you will be able to open up to new possibilities for your relationships, career, creativity, and life purpose.

Energy Healing Sessions

Is this a psychic reading?

While many people would call what I do a "psychic reading," I steer away from that phrase because using it creates a set of expectations for predictions about the future.  The future is never fixed.  With freewill we have the ability to shape our futures without limits or fear.

I am an intuitve with clairvoyant and claircognizant abilities.  My ability to “read” or intuit people’s energy comes in by way of images (clairvoyance) and knowing (claircognizance).  By describing what I sense in your energy body- the images and symbols that your soul projects for your highest good- I am able to help you make sense of patterns and problems that stand like roadblocks on your path towards inner peace and the outward manifestation of that peace. In this way, I am both a channel for what your soul wants to communicate to you and a guide so that you’re able to see the messages with as much clarity and perspective as you can. 

What is a healing session like?

Sessions are directed by the issues that prompted you to look toward this route of healing in the first place.  Sometimes it is a known blockage or trauma that can be named and understood like grief, complicated family relationships, or the loss of passion and vitality in your existence.  In a great many cases, the driving force that has you seeking energy healing is hard to name and hard to describe.  Our life feels "off" and our ability to feel invigorated by it has waned. 

In a session, you can expect to spend a portion of the time resting comfortably and safely on a massage table in a serene and tranquil setting.  The energy healing I perform is a mostly hands off modality, though many clients exclaim that the experience is akin to transcendental meditation and the physical relaxation they experience is unlike any they've experienced before.

After the healing session is complete, we will spend time discussing what images, symbols, memories, and ideas came up and will focus on ways that these things can help continue the healing long after our session concludes.


A pledge to my clients

I strive to make each session gentle, relaxing, and emotionally healing.  My mission rests solely in reconnecting you with your spiritual life, your faith in a higher power and helping you remember that you are a part of a divine universal-experience.

Group Healing Sessions

Is a group session as powerful as a private one?

With the group dynamic, individuals are often supported by friends and loved ones who have witnessed parts of their journey and know their struggles.  Group sessions host 3-8 people and it is recommended that your group is comprised of people you feel comfortable sharing this emotional and intimate experience with.


Is a group session like a party?

The ultimate goal and outcome of a group session is to feel a sense of spiritual peace, love, purpose, and harmony for yourself and as a group.  While I would not describe this experience as a "party," I would encourage you to expect a bonding experience that includes plenty of laughs as well as an opportunity to get to know yourself and your friends on a deeper level. 

How are group sessions different?

Group sessions are similar to individual sessions in that I strive to bring a gentle, relaxed, and emotionally healing experience.  In all sessions, I begin by tapping into the energy field of each participant and "tune into their station."  From there, I use my intuition to interpret and share what is coming through. 


I harness the power of the group to help lead participants through active healing through shared intuited revelations, channeled messages, and more. Using tools such as oracle cards, crystals, singing bowls, and sage I will then guide members of the group on ways to continue the healing for themselves after the session is over. 

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